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This page talks about this website. Kdramastories is an entertainment site that seeks to bring Asian drama lovers together with their favorite dramas. The site talks about the side interests and hidden details Korean drama fans tend to debate about. Wondering what other fans think about your favorite drama? Our drama reviews will bring to light all that fans have said about that particular drama.

Celebrity news only gets more exciting if there is more to it than just the regular trending news. kdramastories.com also add some odd gossip you never knew will be a subject of discussion.

Lest we forget, we love Chinese drama, Taiwanese drama, and all other hit Asian dramas as well. You are definitely not left out. How can we when we love you so much?

Newbie Kdrama lovers are not left out. This site introduces you to all the must-watch Asian dramas while talking about their genres and reasons why you would love them. Whatever your favorite genre is, we have got you covered. Do you have romantic comedy like some of us here at kdramastories? or thriller, time-travel, action, horror, or ancient era? We would tell you the dramas that represent exactly what you would love to watch.

Kdramastories also wants to create an avenue for drama lovers like you to share exactly what you think of your favorite drama, your favorite celebrity, or the celebrity couple who are shipping for. Whatever your thoughts are, we would love to hear from you. In fact, fans who love to share their thoughts on the trending issues are our favorite people. We only advise that you will be sensitive to others and respect their views as well.

We heart all things kdrama. We love you too. Let us have fun as we share all that we love to hear about. Your favorite Korean drama might be the next topic of discussion. Watch out.