Being a Kdrama fan means being in the family. We went through a tone of emotions last year as fans. we celebrated the good time with our favorite stars, stood by them in their trying moment and also cried when our heart could not hold back the tears. Looking back, we just want to catch our breath and pay homage to the celebs we lost and remind those who went through hard times that we are still with them.

Kim Woo Bin’s Cancer Diagnosis

Fans around the world were shocked and devastated when then the news of Kim Woo Bin’s cancer diagnosis was revealed. On May 24, Kim’s agency Sidus HQ said he was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and was being treated. Initially, the star wanted to keep it a secret and continue the filming activities for “Wiretap”. But instead, the movie’s director, Choi Dong Hoon, wanted the actor to concentrate on his health. It was then when Kim Woo Bin decided to unveil his condition. We really miss him and hope 2018 brings him new health. Oppa fighting, we still remember you in our prayers.

Lee Min Ho And Bae Suzy Breakup

Lee and Bae who announced their relationship in March 2015 after photos of them in London circulated were part of the stars who made fans sad this year. Fans did not believe the news because the couple was rumored to have broken up in September 2015 and again in August 2016 which they denied. JYP Entertainment, Bae’s agency and Lee’s agency, MYM Entertainment, has confirmed the news but declined to reveal details of the breakup, citing privacy issues. The couples for over two years have given most fans heartbreaks but we still wish them true love.

Wonder Girls Disbandment

We saw it coming as soon as their poster was taken of the building. We just didn’t expect it sooner. The band has won many hearts over a decade with their lovely albums such as; wonder world, wonder party, wonder years. They have been one of the oldest and our favorite band. We are really going to miss them. They did not just leave us with heartbreak they actually left us one great last song. They released their final single “Draw Me”, which serves as a celebration of their 10th anniversary and also their final goodbye to loyal fans. We shall forever remember them for the wonders they perform with music.

Kim Joo Hyuk’s death

It was one hell of a blow to us. Kim Joo-hyuk, on October 30, 2017, died in a car crash in Seoul after he won Best Supporting Actor a week ago at the inaugural Seoul Awards. It took a lot of time for the tragic news to sink into fans brain. It all happened so quick that the news left most of us with all kinds of emotion. Fans were in shock and denial when they first heard the news. Finally when the news was accepted it only left Fans with grieve and heartbreaks. We are always going to remember him for the smiles he put on our faces and not the sadness his death brought to us.

Jonghyun’s Death

“It’s been hard”, “Let me go. Tell me I’ve worked hard. This is my farewell.” The star reportedly texted this message to his older sister a night before the tragic incidence. Yes, we fans admit you have worked hard. But letting go isn’t easy. The 27-year old singer-songwriter was found unconscious at a private hotel in Seoul on Monday, December 18, 2017, and died in the hospital. “I was broken from the inside. The depression slowly chipped me away, finally devouring me… Troubling thoughts flooded my head. I never got the chance to learn how to change dull pain into pure joy.” These are some lines of his message to his friend which was posted after the tragic event. Fans all over the world mourned his death with a heavy heart.



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