We went through waves of emotions when we heard our super hot actors Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy started dating in 2015. We finally learned to accept it and they even became our favorite celeb couple. Their lovey-dovey actions became our relationship goals.

When the news broke out that the couple is no longer together, the initial reaction was; ‘Nah, it’s not true, it’s one of those things. At least no one has confirmed it yet so it is probably a hoax’. Then when it was finally confirmed by their agencies, everyone has finally accepted it. But that does not mean fans are quiet about it.

One thing is certain, fans want to know the reason behind it. We took time to check fans’ comments on Facebook and what we found is pretty interesting. Some fans have ‘found’ the reason for the breakup and it sounds logical. Some fans claim Bae Suzy cannot bear Lee Min Ho being away on his military service for so long and that is the root cause of the problem.

Other fans are singing the usual celeb breakup anthem; the couple do not have time for each other hence the breakup. What do you think of this too?

In other news, some fans are reacting to the breakup pretty badly. Some fans are so sad that they are quitting the Kdrama life because of this breakup, well, it hurts though.

Apparently, fans shipped for Lee Jong Suk and Bae Suzy while watching Bae Suzy’s current drama “While You Were Sleeping” and they felt guilty about it. The news about the breakup means, they do not have to feel guilty about it anymore. If only it works that way.

Some fans are simply happy-sad if that makes any sense. They are happy their crush is single again but sad the stars are having a hard time. Let us see what happens next. We hope the breakup is for a happy ending (wildest wish).

Fingers crossed as we try to find the real reason behind the separation. Whatever the reason is, we would support them through it all.

xoxo. Enjoy the rest of your day lovely pals.


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