Fight my way is another Kdrama that has been highly rated. The reason for this massive approval is simple; this drama is realistic. Fight my way is a drama which centers on young people who are not so competent but are struggling to make it.

Ko Dong-man (Park Seo-joon) used to practise taekwando when he was younger and dreams of holding the UCF title. He is now working as a contract employee. Choi Ae-ra (Kim Ji-won) on the hand has always wanted to be an announcer but when harsh realities set in, she settles down to being a front desk executive at a departmental store.

Most of us youth easily identified with this drama. The struggles that are evident in the life of a young person. The frustrations at this not happening the way we expect them to, the anger at the slow pace of development or even the stress when things are just difficult because of who you are or where you find yourself.

Fight my way is a kdrama that takes us through the journey of these young people as they struggle to achieve their dreams.

This drama did not only give us this. We fed our eyes with a great love story, great chemistry and a good laugh.

Fight my way allows us to share the journey of this young people as they grow, fall, and mature.

The 16 episode drama is worth watching if you want a bag of reality.

Well, some viewers were not so enthusiastic about the ending. However, I would say, yes, they could have done better but an ending that answers all my questions gets a thumbs up.

Overall, I rate this drama 8.5/10.

Hello kdrama fans, guess we all have our opinions so let me ask. Were you satisfied with the ending? Sound off in the comments section.

Yet to watch, enjoy. Greatly recommended.

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