Let’s get talking about the Korean drama titled Siamdang light’s diary. Actually, this drama also suffered from poor ratings but trust me, it is worth talking about. Siamdang light’s diary stars legengary actress Lee Young Ae.

This Korean drama mixes both the Seoul or modern era with the Josean era. Talk of tragedy, this drama is an epitome of ‘love’ tragedy where the main characters suffer a fate where they cannot be together eventhough they love eachother.

Siamdang is a character who loves to paint and has made a name for herself in the Josean era.

In the modern era, we meet a young art lecturer who has faced a lot of unfortunate situations. At the darkest moments, she finds a painting that change her life.

Siamdang diary is a complicated drama that will definitely appeal to people who enjoy dramas with deep emotions. It takes out the lightness that we find in most Korean dramas.

This Drama will be a gem for fans who love art as well. This drama is basically unique and even a bit difficult to talk about. You do not know what to talk about first.

Now talking about the ratings. Many fans who watched it are frustrated about the ratings. They do not understand why such a great drama has poor ratings. Well, the point is, the drama requires a whole lot of emotional effort. It gets you thinking and groomy at a point.

Majority of viewers who steer the ratings are the Korean youth. Most of them are going through a lot of emotions right now; dealing with relationships, academics or career choices. They would rather have a drama that makes them laugh and forget about all they are dealing with.

With this explained, I guess you have it all now. You definitely cannot decide whether to watch or not watch this drama based on the ratings. You just have to go ahead if you are ready for deep emotions.

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