So you just chanced on a Korean drama and you liked it. You have been drawn into the world of K-dramas unknowingly. You now want suggestions as to which dramas watch.

Well, be my guest as we bring to light all the great dramas that made our K-drama journey fun and sweet.

  1. Boys before flowers

This drama is one of the dramas that set most of us on our journey.  This drama starred the legendary Lee Min Ho and Ku Hye-sun. This a hilarious drama is about a no nonsense high school girl who stands up to a handsome, rich and spoiled boy who thinks he can always have his way. He is infuriated by the fact that this girl dares to stand up to him. As it turns out, the two fall for each other in the process of fighting each other. This drama is an overload of cute guys. The targeted audience for this drama is young high schoolers and university students. It can, however, be a good stress reliever for adults as well.

  1. My princess

My Princess is an exciting romantic series that aired 2011. In my princess,( Kim Tae Hee )Lee Seol finds out she is a princess. She is trained by (Song Seung -heon) Park Hae-young. Park is actually the heir to the inheritance he is training Lee Seol to inherit. In the slow process of training amid confusions, the two fall in love. This drama is one of my personal favorites. This drama’s audience cuts across all ages.

3. My love from another star

Ever believed in aliens? My love from another star is a fictional, romantic series that stars Kim So Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun. This Korean drama is about an alien who lived on earth for 400 years. 400 years ago, he was left behind because he tried to save a girl. Now, 400 years later, he meets a girl with similar traits, he feels a strong urge to protect this girl too. He is willing to stay back on earth but now, it is time to leave planet earth. I don’t know if you have ever met an earlier lol, but this is one heck of a cute, handsome one. This drama will be loved by viewers of all ages.

  1. The moon that embraces the sun

Let us now talk about some historical dramas. The moon that embraces the sun is a unique historical drama that brings to light some aspects of ancient Korean culture. This drama focuses on the love between a young crown prince and a girl from a prestigious family. They fell in love at a very young age, they fought to protect the love but they were too young to take all that comes along with royalty and love. This drama will also appeal to viewers of all.

5. Iljimae

Iljimae is an action historical drama that focuses on a young noble whose perfect life was changed after the murder of his father. He becomes a thief who robs the rich to support the poor. All he wanted was to find his remaining family and live a quiet life but after watching his sister being murdered in front of him right after he found her, he embarks on a mission to find the murderers. Unfortunately, the person he intends to use to achieve his revenge mission becomes the love of his life. He is torn between love and revenge. Iljimae stars Lee Joon Gi and Han Hyo-jo.

6. Moonlight drawn by clouds

This drama is a light ancient drama starring young characters. This Korean drama is about a young crown prince who falls in love with a commoner. Interestingly, this young girl is has always hidden her identity as a girl in order to survive. Her real identity is a threat to the royal family. The two struggle to protect their love and create a better country for the people.


  1. City Hunter

Now on to some real actions thrillers. City hunter is about a man who has been trained to revenge the death of his father. His father’s murderers are top politicians who wield a lot of power. He plans his mission and sets out. He succeeds in every mission but finds out that, his ultimate enemy and last target iis actually his biological father. This drama is a bundle of action, coupled with suspense and romance. It stars Lee Min Ho and Park Min-young.

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  1. Descendants of the Sun

This is a love story about a soldier and a doctor. They ad a difficult relationship from the onset because of the conflict in careers. One saves life and the other kills. Their love is tested and tightened when they find themselves in life threatening situations. They take care of each other in periods of natural disasters and war attacks. This korean drama is a one tat has captivated the hearts of many k-drama fans.

9. Splash Splash love

Just in case in want you want a short drama to try out first, then you should try splash splash love. This drama blends the modern era into the historical era. This drama is about a young girl who felt insignificant in the modern world. She time travels into the ancient world. There, finds her worth and she also finds love. This 2 episode Korean drama is hilarious and fun enough to keep you stuck in the world of K-dramas.

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