The king loves is another underrated drama that needs to be seen. This drama is set in the Goryeo era. The centers around three young people; Won (Im Si-wan) a crown prince who is very ambitious, and his two childhood friends, Rin (Hong Jong-hyun) and San (Im Yoon-ah). Rin is also Won’s body guard and is liked for his upright nature. San, however, is very beautiful and charming, she has to live in disguise.

Won hides his cruel nature behind his sweet appearance but can he hide it forever? Both Won and Rin fall for San. Can their beautiful friendship pass the test?

The king loves is a 40 episode South Korean drama based on a story with the same title. This drama is seriously underrated. If you ask me, don’t look at the ratings because it does not do any justice to the movie.

The issue we viewers are debating about right now is which relationship to ship for. San has great chemistry with both Won and Rin. Wait, in this kind of dramas, is the King or Crown Prince not usually the main lead? So why is San so good with Rin too?

I really do not want to jump ahead of the game and get disappointed so am just going to wait till the very last episode.

Listening to fans, I thought they were all rooting for team RinSan but I got a few rooting for WonSan. That is not even what got me. Actually, the friendship between Rin and Won is so good that, I have viewers rooting for friendship than love. Interestingly, I found this somewhere, team RinSanWon. I mean is that even possible? Rooting for a love triangle?

Well, it’s possible if they agree to play fair in the love game. Whoever San chooses wins and the friendship goes on. That would be so cool. Maybe I would just root for team RinSanWon.

Which team are you rooting for ? Your comments are welcome.

The King loves was preceded by look out and followed by century boy and girl.




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