woman of dignity

Woman of dignity is currently airing on Korean channel JTBC. The ratings are soaring and viewers are loving it but do viewers love everything about the drama? The drama centers on Woo Ah-jin (Kim Hee-sun), a lively, vibrant and elegant who lived life the way she desires. The wealth of her father-in-law gave her a plush life. She had everything money can buy.

However, her sweet life was too good to last. She finds out that, her marriage is not as she perceives; Her husband is cheating on her. Her luxurious life also ends with her father-in-law’s finances on the rocks. She meets Park Bok-Ja (Kim Sun-A) a woman whose background does not faze her from trying to climb up the social ladder. Park Bok-Ja brings another story into the life of Woo Ah-Jin. What comforts a woman who once had it all? How does she handle all that has been loaded on her plate?

Woman of dignity is a melodrama that shows all levels of cheating in marriage. The 20 episode drama is still airing with some websites including soompi.com  predicting that, woman of dignity might break the record of Strong woman Do Bong Soon as the most rated drama on JTBC channel.

Viewers are however not happy with Woo Ah-Jin for being far too kind. According to some viewers, she remains calm at instances she should be taking some action. Seems our viewers would love to see some but what do we expect from a woman who has been to comfortable?

A drama with two female leads, a plot twist, and bend away from the usual cinderella dramas. Woman of Dignity was preceded by “Man to Man” and would be followed by “Age of Youth 2”.

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