beautiology 101

Beautiology 101 might not be the drama of the century but it is definitely a drama to watch if you love make up. This drama stars Han Ji Eun as Lee Bonju. Lee Bonju is a teenager who seeks to make some money to help her mother. Her mother is a skin care expert and Lee Bonju learnt a lot about skin care whiles watching her mother.

She meets a prominent woman from K beauty school who enrolls her into the school on scholarship. She accepted the offer with the intention of selling her mother’s skincare products to the students.

K beauty school is a high ranking school that focuses on beauty. We are introduced to a number of beauty courses we never knew existed. Ever heard of beauty biology, beauty psychology or beauty food? lol.

K drama beauty school has some really unique rules; you are invisible when you do not have make up on. I mean you would be marked absent.

Beauty tips beautiology 101 emphasized.

  1. Heavy make up make you look far older than your age.
  2. We all have a personal colour that gives us a perfect make up. Have you discovered your personal colour yet?
  3. The most easy to wear colours are the colours closest to natural tones.
  4. The a well shaped eyebrow completes the make up look.
  5.  Your eyebrow can change your entire makeup look. The kind of face determines the kind of eyebrow. Round faces need eyebrows with medium height and slight curves. Rectangular faces need slightly straight eye brows.

Lee Bonju who is knows a lot about skincare but oblivious about makeup starts to dominate in her class and excels in ways her colleagues are lacking.

Beautiology 101 teaches about confidence, friendship and living your youth. It also talks about living your dream and love. There is a bit of a love triangle in here.

This Korean drama was aired in April 2016. The broadcasting channel was In style and the drama was sponsored by big Korean cosmetic company Innisfree. Unfortunately, Beautiology 101 has only 10 episodes and each episode runs for only 20 minutes.

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