Tunnel is just the perfect drama for our lovely Korean drama friends, who are already tired of the frequent lovey dovey (sweet mushy lol) series.  We have seen time travel dramas, some people time travel to unravel mysteries (rooftop prince), others to find advanced or more experience doctors(faith) and even some travel to find love (Queen In Hyun’s man) but to time travel to catch a criminal? Well, this is a first and unusual.

The setting for tunnel begins in the year 1986 where Detective Park Gwang-Ho (Choi Jin-Hyuk) goes all out to catch a serial killer. He ends up time traveling into the year 2017.I do not want to mention if he gets to catch the thief or not but I want to mention something else. He gets the chance to save his daughter. In 2017, the serial killings has not stopped, if anything, it is still a worrisome situation as it was 30 years ago.

Tunnel is rather unpredictable and thrilling. The 16 episode drama has receive a lot of love from around the world. South Korea has shown lot’s of love through ratings. Tunnel is now the most rated drama on OCN’s network. The new record set by the drama now stands at 7.1% on the average. The cast and crew actually took time off to celebrate this huge win. OCN happens to be the channel telecasting tunnel.

The high ratings can be attributed to the excellent cast and great acting skills. Tunnel has all the good points; great detective plot, great acting skills and incredibly high ratings.

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