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The Josean Korean drama ruler: master of the mask started airing in May and was concluded in June. This drama ended about a month ago but arguments about this drama are far from over.

Ruler: master of the mask is a drama about how the crown prince Lee Sun (Yoo Seung-ho)  who fought to end the struggle of his people. Pyunsoo a powerful organization that has managed in taking monopoly power over all the water systems in the country. This has made it difficult for residents to get water.

Lee Sun being a young crown prince stands up for his people. Through it all, he has two women by him. Han Ge-Eun (Kim So Hyun) and Kim Hwa-Goon (Yoon So Hee ). Han Ga-Eun, the woman he loves help him to become a great ruler.

This drama casts great young stars similar to Love in the moonlight. The 40 episode drama holds the viewers’ suspense to the very end.

Now, the issue for discussion among viewers is not whether or not the chemistry among the leads was great, or whether the osts were good or the any of the usual arguments we kdrama fans argue about when it comes to Korean drama.

The argument about ruler: master of the mask is about who did a better job. I mean which female star deserved the crown prince. Han Ga-Eun is a soft character who would step aside if she feels like she is in the way while Kim Hwa – Won is strong willed and will always try to push forward her will.

Apparently, some viewers prefer Hwa – Won to Ga- Eun and just do not like the fact that, Ga-Eun was loved by the crown prince even though she was “laid back”.

Ruler: master of the mask taught me this; sometimes love is earned by actions we cannot explain. You might do what you think is the best but it cannot even move hearts.

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