Suspicious partner has been airing for sometime now and I guess is time to take some reactions from our critical viewers. I must admit reactions for this drama is great. Viewers love the casts especially the main leads.  The main female lead is being played by the beautiful Nam Ji-Hyun as Bong-Hee and the main male lead by the hot Ji Chang-Wook as Ji – Wook. In fact Other viewers just love the entire cast and the characters they are playing.

The plot is also another strong plus for this drama. Viewers just cannot get enough. The drama portrays Ji-Wook (Ji Chang-Wook) as a prosecutor and Bong-Hee (Nam Ji-Hyun) as a judicial apprentice at the judicial research and training institute. Bong-Hee mistakens Ji-Wook as a molester on their very first encounter. He tries to defend himself but she would not listen.

3 months later, she is assigned to Ji-Wook’s office to work. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend is murdered in her apartment and she is blamed for it. Ji- Wook tries his best against all odds to prove her innocence. He eventually finds evidence to prove her innocence. He quits being prosecutor after that. He becomes a lawyer.

2 years later, Ji-Wook and Bong-Hee meet again in an interesting situation. They meet in court: one is the defending lawyer and the other is on the side of the plaintiff. To viewers, the plot is unique and fresh.

Another great thing this drama is offering viewers is the fact that, it has everything. Romance, comedy, great chemistry, suspense, thriller and investigative intelligence. You find what you are looking for all in a single drama.

Viewers are even showing their love for suspicious partner through it’s ratings. The drama hit 10% ratings after the airing of the 7th episode. That is not an easy feat.

Suspicious partner has 40 episodes and it is surprising that viewers are relieved that this drama is not the usual 16 episodes. I mean they are so glad that the show is not ending anytime soon.

A funny drama that can still hold the viewer’s suspense is just not easy to come by. I hope you are enjoying this drama as much as other viewers are. You have something to say about this drama? Feel free to sound off in the comments section. Yet to watch suspicious partner? Tell us what you think when you start. We still have a long way to go with this drama.

Enjoy everyone.

So long.

We would be glad to know what you think. your comments mean a lot.