The 32 episode drama has just started airing. My sassy girl is a historical drama that portrays Gyeon Woo (Joo Won) as a cold hearted schorlar who is widely known as “the national treasure” and Hye – Myung ( Oh Yeon – Seo) as a princess who is quite stubborn and always wants to have her way.

My sassy girl has been highly anticipated because of the star studded cast. Let’s see what viewers have to say now. Well, onething really stands out; viewers love the main male lead, Joo Won. However, some viewers have some reservations towards the female lead Oh Yeon- Seo. According to them, she is overacting but I guess that is a sassy girl’s character if am right.

Some viewers also argue that the drama has many disgusting scenes. Some viewers do not even agree with the remake of an old movie. To them, there is nothing fresh about it and can be considered a waste of investment. A lot of viewers will take the original over the remake. That is kind of normal I think. That is what happens with remakes and original anyway.

Seems I have capitalised on the dark reviews. Let’s go on for some positive reviews. The drama is really funny. So funny that it keeps pushing you watch more and more. The characters are also doing a great job and if we take out a few glitches.

This is the early stages and I think it is too early to judge a 32 episode drama with the first 4 episodes. Am sure there is more to come and more to look forward to.

Joo Won is best known for his roles in good doctor, Young Pal, the girl who sees smells and bridal mask.

Oh Yeon – Seo is also popular for appearing in dramas including come back Mister, shine or go crazy, come! Jang Bo Ri, and medical top team.

Let’s keep our fingers cross and see what my sassy girl has to offer. I can see some pretty romantic scenes coming from this drama.


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