• My secret romance has been trending and I just can’t keep quiet. I mean I have too much to say about it. This drama started airing on the 13th of April this year.

My secret romance stars Sung Hoon as Cha Jin- Wook and Song Ji-eun as Lee Yoo-Mi. Jin – Wook is the typical third generation cheobol who never takes love seriously. He accidentally spends the night together Yoo-Mi. He hears nothing from here afterwards.

Three years later, Jin – Wook meets  Yoo- Mi, Yoo- Mi is a nutritionist and she works in the same campany with Jin – Wook and he is her superior. Jin – Wook is pissed because Yoo – Mi has reduced what happened between them three years ago as a one night stand.
My take on this drama

This drama is funny, intense, romantic and light. It is a drama that makes you relax and just have fun. My secret romance is pretty hot. The Jin-Wook is really hot obviously since it was played by the handsome Sung Hoon. The main leads have this incredible chemistry that compels you to ship for their romance. It is like you basically know what is going to happen next but you still can’t wait to see it. That’s the feeling I got anyway.

You get some cool scenes like the swimming pool scenes. Lol

On the other side, My secret is a bit cliche. The usual cheobol drama. Predictable plot. The typical “player turned reserved after he meets the lady kind of drama”.So if you are looking for something different then this drama is not for you. This is not the kind of drama where there is so much suspense that it appears in your dream. Lol. Another thing in mine opinion is my secret romance is just 12 episodes. I mean, that is too short. Some viewers are hoping there would be a season 2 which I doubt but hey anything can happen. We talking about a Korean drama here.Final episode will be in a few days. We can never really judge a drama till we see the finally. Let’s get talking more after.

Already watching this drama? Tell me what you think. Yet to watch? Grab some popcorn and bing watch this drama. Your comments are always welcome.

Enjoy. So long.


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