One of Korean top stars Kim Won Bin has been trending for the past 24 hours. News about his bad health broke the hearts of his numerous fans worldwide. The news which was too sad to be true was confirmed by his agency sidiq HQ when the released on official press statement.
“Kim Woo-bin wasn’t feeling good and recently visited a doctor. We found out that he has nasopharyngeal cancer. He started receiving drug treatment and radiation therapy. Please cheer for and support him.”

Nasopharyngeal cancer is a rare type of cancer that affects the upper part of the throat and the nasal area. Fortunately, the disease was found at its early stage and treatment has began. That is some positive news I guess. This disease is considered rare considering the fact that, it is not common in Korea however, it is quite common in China.
Kim Won Bin’s new movie that was set to start filming in June has been put on hold. The production has decided to postpone the filming until Kim Won Bin gets better. According to them, his health comes first.

Kim Won Bin’s girlfriend Shin Min Ah has released a statement saying she will be supportive and help he boyfriend recover from the illness. The couple have been dating for two years. They got close after they both featured in an ad campaign. Their relationship was kept on the low initially.

Kim Won Bin’s big breakthrough into the drama world came when he starred in “heirs” which starred another top star Lee Min Ho. Recently, Kim Woo Bin starred in popular drama “uncontrollably fond” with Bae Suzy. He also starred in “school 2013”. He had always played the bad boy character until he starred in “uncontrollaby fond” where we saw and liked his character as a romantic male main lead.

Let’s all pray and cheer our oppa on. Oppa we love you and cannot wait to see you fully recovered. Until then, relax. Everything will be fine.

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