Hello everyone, hope we are having a great day? Well, I just want to talk a little about this drama that is gradually becoming my favourite.

Tomorrow with you is a romantic fantasy starring Shin Min – A as Song Ma Rin (starred in Oh my venus) and Lee Je – Hoon as Yoo So-Joon (starred in signal). The drama centres on Yoo Jo – Soon, the CEO of a real estate company . He has the unique ability of traveling through time. He travels into the future and sees that, he will he a miserable man in the future.

He plans to avert by marrying Song Ma-Rin, a photographer who has a positive outlook about life. They begin their loveless journey.

Yoo Jo-Soon is a selfish man who only thinks about himself and how to make profits from his company. His uncaring nature pushes the once caring wife, Song Ma-Rin to stop trying.

What unfolds in this drama will be worth watching. Will he be able to avert his miserable future through his unstable marraige? How long will the marriage stay loveless?

This drama gives us real talent as exhibited by the two main leads.

Well, let’s hear what others are saying about this drama.

From the reviews I have read, tomorrow with you is soon becoming people’s favourite drama. Some viewers are wowed by the acting of most of the casts. Others just love the storyline and can’t wait for the next episodes.

Spoiler alert: some think it is boring. Some viewers could not even get through to the 2nd episode. Reallyyyy? Well, that is how someone felt about this drama.

If you ask me, I would say, give it a try. For me, it would be worth the watch.

This drama also stars Kim Ye-Won and Lee Jung-Eun.

Number of episodes: 16


  1. I’m keeping an eye on this one. I usually wait for a drama to end before I start watching. Like that I can binge watch it. Also it’s a good way to avoid dramas with bad endings. haha

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