Hello everyone, hope we are having a good day? Okay, today, I want to talk about the drama: beacause it is first time.

This drama has recieved a lot of conflicting reactions. Well, I also have my own review about this drama.

Because it is the first time is a youthful drama that talks about the challenges the youth go through because they are experiencing a lot of issues for the first time.

The drama centres on Yoon Tae-O (Min-Ho) and his friends Han Song-yi (Park So-Dam), Ryoo Se-Hyun (Jeong Eu-Gene), Seo Ji-Ahn (Kim Min-Jae), Choi Hoon (Lee Yi-Kyun) and Oh Ga-Rin (Cho Hye-Jung).

Yoon Tae is the richest among his friends. He has the least family issues so he seems to be the one all his friends rely on. He is warm, generous, kind and sweet. He basically is the centre of the group. But he is a little immature.

He falls in love with Han Song-yi (Park So-Dam) but he did not even realise it. Probably because it is the first time.

Thie 2016 korean drama is humorous, fresh and different from the dramas we see most times.


This kdrama brings out a realistic aspect of life. Love is not always warm, easy, simple, or even understandable. It could be cold, heartbreaking, and difficult.

This drama tells the hard truth beautifully. It also brings out a beautiful friendship here. The characters are nicely portrayed in this 8 episode drama ; their innocence, cuteness and even their confusions.

My advice: Do not stick to one character since this drama does not follow the usual main male and female lead. Also, watch with an open mind.

If you ask me, I would say life happened to this drama and I liked it really.


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