Tvn is set to produce the drama version of the manhwa (print cartoon) bride of the water god. This drama is widely anticipated because the manhwa version is good.

The drama centers around a village that has been suffering from extreme drought. The only person who can make it rain is actually the water god Ha Beak.

Ha Beak will do that on one condition, he needs a bride from among the people. So-A decides to marry the water god to save her people.

She however did not expect what she saw. OMG, are water gods allowed to be this cute?

The casting of the main line is through and script reading is set to follow early this month.


Nam Joo-Hyuk ( Ha Baek) also casted in “weight lifting fairy”.

Shin Se-Kyung ( So-A) also casted in “six flying dragon”.

Krystal (Hye-Ra) also casted in “she is so lovable”.

Gong Myung (Bi Ryum) also casted in “drinking solo”.

Im Jo-Hwan also casted in “uncontrollably fond”.

This is another fantasy romantic drama I cannot even begin to fanthom. Since it is anticipated, I can also hardly wait.

Judging from the casts, the drama also looks great. I really hope it lives to it’s expectations.

Fingers crossed.

Have a great day every one.

So long for now. 🌹🌹

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