Moonlight drawn by Clouds also known as love in the moonlight was the first historical kdrama I watched this in 2016. Truth is, I watched this drama without expecting much However, the drama blew me away.

The story centers on a young prince who had to fight to make his  country a better place. He had to face a lot of difficulties since his father the King was a weak man. The young prince, Lee Young eventually fell in love with an eunuch, a girl(Hong Ra-on) who pretended to be a boy because of the  sins of her father. The two loved eachother dearly but had so much to fight against.

The never ending battle to protect their love is worth watching.

I loved the synopsis and how the drama developed from a light drama to an incredibly intense drama. In my opinion, the drama would have been quite heavy if we had known from the start who the main female lead (Ra on)’s father was. Am sure we would have been to worried to ship for a romance between a dangerous rebel’s daughter and a crown prince (Lee Young).

The main leads Park Bo Gum (Lee Young) and Kim You-Jung (Hong Ra-On) gave us a rather beautiful love story.

On another plus side, the drama has so many oppas. 😍😍😍😍

For me, any movie that makes me cry and also laugh is very good since I do not cry easily. Lol. This drama moved me.

Until the very end, I wished the beautiful love story went on and on.

I cannot say much since am still drooling over this drama. All I can say is that, this drama is beautiful.

Take care everyone.



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