I know Yong Pal is a 2015 drama and lots of kdrama fans have already seen it. I just watched it and I feel like I really need to talk about it. I also believe some fans are yet to watch it and would like an opinion before they do.

Well, Yong Pal is a great drama to begin with. It is not the ‘cliche’ cheobol dramas we know where the main female lead becomes a cinderella (don’t get me wrong, I love cheobol dramas). In this case, there is no cinderella but we get to see a queen and her saviour (bell boy, lol).

To give you a lil gist, the drama centers around a young talented doctor who has to work so hard to save his ailing sister. He ends up treating criminals outside hospitals to make money. He earns the name Yong Pal for his illegal errands. He would do a lot of risky stuff for money. He ends up taking care of the owner (Young Ae) of the hospital who has been forcefully put in a coma by her greedy brother. He would have to work his way into saving his sister, Young Ae and his own life.

In my opinion, the climax of the drama happened to early. Although I enjoyed watching the point where the protagonist defeated her opponents, I couldn’t help but worry since it was happening too early in the drama. I kept wondering if the opponents would hit back.

The main leads also fell in love so fast, we all know that is so uncommon in Korean dramas.

Also, the drama makes almost everyone villain at some point. I was quite confused about who to like and who to hate. Some villains turned pathetic at some point. You could even end up crying for someone you hated at the beginning.

It also had a lot of witty scenes and memorable lines. Also, I cried in some scenes and trust me, some scenes are really though provoking.

I also loved the fact that, the main female lead, Kim Tae Hee (Young Ae) wasn’t the typical “good girl” female leads are portrayed to be. We get see a lot of twists.

I love makeover scenes and I got to see some slight makeover for both the main male and female leads.

Finally, I would say I did not regret watching this drama in any way. Great stars, great acting and impressive storyline.

I could go on and on but what I would really like to say is, do not try to guess so much. Just relax and watch Tong Pal with an open mind.

Already watched it and have something to share? Sound off in the comments. Watching but curious about something, you are only a comment away from knowing the answer dear.

Enjoy ….



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