Yeah, it’s true we have waited for ‘legend of the blue sea’ for so long. It’s evident in how every single article and teaser about this drama is popular. We loved this drama even before we even knew the synopsis just because it will star Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. I had to wait for some time before writing this article because I wanted to get some reactions, reviews, viewer ratings and of course my own opinion.

In my own opinion, so far, legend of the blue sea is great. I must admit, I miss Lee Min Ho and super pretty Jun Ji Hyun so much. I am so happy I get to see them together. The storyline is quite uncommon. It’s different from the common cheobol dramas we are used to. Plus, it’s a fairytale drama. You can call me a baby but I love fairytales and fantasies. I am so in on this drama.

let’s see what other’s are saying. From the viewer ratings, the drama is obviously very popular in Korea. Am positive the drama would beat most of this year’s great dramas such as descendants of the sun, two worlds, moon lovers, moonlight drawn by clouds and doctors.

also, we love the osts. I so love the Ost titled ‘love story’ by Lyn. I do not know which one you love the most though.

Fans are also talking about the skinship. To quote a fan, she said ” the skinship is on point”. Well, what is a good drama without a romantic touch? Others are saying, the drama is fresh like the storyline is quite unpredictable.

The suspense is also great. There are always many predictions for the next episodes. It is just so great watching a drama that is quite hard to predict.

Officially, we are still not disappointed with legend of the blue sea. We just can’t wait for more.

Yet to start watching? You can join us on board. Warning: you may be intoxicated with too much fun. lol.




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