It’s true the moon lovers : scarlet heart has series has come to an end but that does not mean we have also stopped crushing on our favorite prince Lee Joon Gi. The Korean star is still trending despite the end of the series.


According to Soompi, the star who played the fearful fourth prince Wang So “has a strong presence in a lot of the public polls, thanks to the love from the general public,”. A survey revealed that, he is the most buzzworthy star in the past week.

According to Kpop Herald, a source from the celebrated actor’s agency revealed that “The fan support that Lee receives from domestic and foreign fans is incredible. His fan base has grown across all age groups and he even has a strong male fan base,”.


The star is believed to begin his Seoul tour on December 3. His agency are however in talks and dates for Taiwan, Japan and many more location tours will be revealed soon. Your country might be next so watch out.

Lee Joon Gi is also best known for his spectacular performances in she was pretty, schorlar who walks at night, two weeks, Arang and the magistrate, Josean gunman, Illjimae, my girl, Time between dog and wolf and 101st proposal.


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