Legend of the blue sea is officially the most anticipated drama of 2016. Although SBS keeps bringing out only tiny pieces of information, fans are already glued. This drama is set to premiere on November, 16. Obviously, Fans cannot wait and almost every kdrama fan is wishing November is already here.

Well, SBS is teasing fans more with a 22-second teaser that leaves us even more expectant. The teaser has this sad tone to it making me wonder if we are to get our tissue packs ready. The teaser points at the sad love story of a mermaid (Jun Ji-Hyun) who has lasted through so many periods.

Her sad voiceover plays in the background with words translated as “But I will keep my promise. Whether a storm comes, whether no one is here and I am lonely, whether I am afraid because it’s a road I’ve never taken before, I will endure it all and go to you.” The teaser also shows Lee Min Ho on a beach and a few flashbacks to the Joseon Era.

Watch teaser here.

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