This might be the king of kdrama melodramas for the year. This drama talks about relationships and how they are influenced not only by what we feel but also by what you see. The drama begins with the question” Couldn’t there be a decent relationship between a married man and a married woman in this world”?

This drama features two sets of married couples; Choi Soo-A (Kim Ha-Neul) is an assistant purser at an airline. She is married to a pilot and they have a 12 year old daughter. Everything is great with Choi Soo-A (or so she thinks) until she meets Seo Do-Woo (Lee Sang-Yoon). Seo Do-Woo is an instructor who is married with a daughter. Prior to the meeting, a shocking incident occurs in his life that lef him confused. This drama also stars Shin Sung Rok as Park Jin Suk , Choi Yeo Jin as Song Mi Jin and Jang Hee Jin as Kim Hye Won.

This drama is tender, warm, emotional and has soo much chemistry (with the main leads). Want an emotion provoked drama with deabak acting skills? Watch “watch on the way to the airport if you have not started already”. Already watching? Sound off in the comments.

Release date: 21 September, 2016.

Genre: Romance and melodrama

Number of episodes: 16

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