Maybe Love has very little to do with money after all. This romantic comedy circles around Louie (Seo In-guk), a cheabol who has the habit of buying everything he finds beautiful even if it is actually not useful to him. When he losses his memory suddenly, shopping becomes his only method for easing frustration. He meets Bok-Shil (Nam Ji-hyun), a great woman who tries to teach him that, he does not need to buy everything he is attracted to.

Also, Loiue gets to learn that, not everything beautiful can be bought; LOVE cannot be bought. According to fans, this Korean drama is hilarious, refreshing, and light. It takes a few scenes to get glued to it.

Release date: September 21, 2016

Number of episodes: 16

Average rating: 11%

I am rooting or this drama simply because the actors are so cute and funny. The drama is perfect escape during the weekend after a rather tiring week; just the right way to let your hair down. Did you know some viewers became a Seo – In Guk fan after watching this drama? Yes, the acting skills was just deabak especially that of the main male and female lead. The chemistry was on point. I would say the drama was an overload of everything; cuteness, chemistry, acting skills, and comedy.

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