This drama also known as moonlight drawn by the clouds stars Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung), a young lady who disguises herself as a man to give dating advice to men. In the course of her counseling, she meets  Lee Yeong the future Crown Prince Hyomyeong (Park Bo Gum). They both hold a secret. Ra On does not know that, Lee Yeong is the future crown prince and Lee Yeong does not know that, Ra on is a girl.

Love in the moonlight is a great drama. I love the sweet love scenes. The friendship between the crown prince and his bodyguard friend just makes me want to be that friend. I also love the drama’s depiction of the future. I mean who does not love a future like that?

This drama took me through a host of emotions. I cried, I laughed, I smiled and I daydreamed. Plus, I just love the way Lee young mentions Hong Ra On’s name. Awww so sweet.

This reminds of the drama titled Sankyunkwan Scandal. Since the setting of both dramas is the Joseon era and they both have this disguised gender theme. This coming of age drama is based on the webtoon series produced in 2013 based on the title ‘moonlight drawn by clouds’ on . This webtoon was published into a book in 2015. This light drama has been compared to dramas including splash splash love, Chinese drama ‘bromance’ and korean Joseon era drama ‘Sunkyunkwan scandal’. These are comparisms made by fans who are already in love with the drama. Are you also watching love in the moonlight? What drama does it remind you of? Yet to watch? Do let us know what you think when you start watching.


Genre: Romance, historical, comedy

Release date: 22-aug-2016.

Number of epsodes: 18

Ratings: High

Well, that is just about it.

So long ….. enjoy.


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