hello everyone, Its me again coming your way with another Korean drama preview. Drinking Solo also called let’s eat is an ongoing drama that is keeping a lot of fans glued to their screens. This drama talks about people who drink for different reasons. The story delves into the lives of the characters, their problems and their moments.

The drama also circles around lead characters  Jin Jung Suk (Ha Seok-jin) and Park Ha-na (Park Ha-sun). Jin Suk is a professor at a private school that prepares students for the civil service exams. He seems to be on top of his job except for this little thing that attaches him to the bottle. Park Ha-na on the other hand is a rookie teacher at the private school. She is very  enthusiastic and optimistic. She is also very talented and hardworking but she cannot seem to take control over her job. The tension in the school gets to her in so many ways but she has one thing in common with Jin Suk; she also likes drinking. In fact everyone likes to drink.

Drinking Solo also highlights the challenges faced by students. The drama brings out the almost all student characters: The very studious one, the students who plans to learn in the last hour, that student who has no intention of learning. In fact, he would prefer to do any difficult work than to learn. This drama takes us back to our school days, that is,if you are no longer in school.

Plus I love the sounds in this movie. Even the sounds can make you laugh your heart out.

Will they end up sharing more than their problems whiles drinking or will they always end up wasted at the end of the day.

PS: Despite the title Let’s drink, it is nothing like let’s eat. So I suggest you format your memory regarding the drama let’s eat so you don’t end up comparing. lol. I can guarantee you would enjoy it better if you do not compare. Plus, please do not watch this drama when you  are hungry, you could end up more hungry. lol

Number of episodes: 16

Genre: Romance, comedy and drama.

Year: 2016

This Tvn drama is super exciting and romantic. That’s my opinion though. Do not forget to please share your opinions as well. I will be glad to read them.

So Long ….. enjoy.





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