Hello everyone, we will be talking about the drama series titled “the good wife”. This tvn drama stars some hot shots including Jun Do Yun as Kim Hye Kyung , Yoo Ji Tae as Lee Tae Joon and Nana as Kim Dan. This drama talks about a successful prosecutor who was imprisoned due to some scandal involving corruption. His wife who has been a lawyer earlier in life but stopped now has to go back to her career as lawyer to take care of her family.

We see how the drama unfolds as the woman rebuilds her career and how a marriage with one partner in prison works out. We get to see super acting talent and good drama. After all that is what kdrama is all about. Korean drama fans especially thrilled with this drama. In fact many fans are wondering if there  will be a season two.

The 16 episode drama is actually a remake of American series with the same name. Haven,t watched the American version? Well, I haven’t either and let us just enjoy the Korean version. It is a good thing after all since it spares us the headache that comes with watching a remake of a movie; the comparism, expectation and judgement.

I hope you enjoy as I am already. Enjoy and remember I am always glad to know what you think. Go ahead and sound off in the comments section.

So Long …… enjoy.

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