Hi everyone, Its has been quite long right? Well, let us get talking about the kdrama, monster. I guess we can now talk about it since the 50 episode drama has ended. If you love revenge dramas, then I guess you might want to see this one. This drama talks about a man, Lee Guk-cheol (Kang Ji-hwan) who lost everything in the 1997 crisis. He was reduced to nothing in a short period of time.

Years later, He returns with a new identity, Kan Ki-tan. he set out to revenge on the only person responsible for his misfortune years ago. In his quest for revenge, he meets Oh Soo-yeon (Sung Yu-ri), a woman his had feelings for in the past. She has also gained a new identity which makes it difficult for them to recognize each other.

This drama has good ratings but the review out there is quite mixed. The drama is pretty intense from the start but gets dragged in the middle. Well, It is a 50 episode drama so I guess it cannot be intense throughout.

I do not know what to think since I have not seen the ending yet but the reactions from fans it also mixed. People hated the ending while others really loved it. I guess it all depends on our expectations. So I will say do not expect too much and I can guarantee you will be wowed at the end.

Enjoy, So long.



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