I am still wondering why this drama is still popular even though the show ended way back in February. Well, that gives me the chance to write about it since I love writing about trending dramas. Even the plot makes me laugh so hard. I mean without the funny scenes.

A baby girl Pi Ya Nuo (Megan Lai) had to live her first 25 years as a boy in order to avert misfortunes attached to her life. The fortune teller who gave directions also said that, she could return to her life as a girl on her 26th birthday. She managed to live inconspicuously as a boy for 25 years. However, she helped  Du Zi Feng (Baron Chen) and his sister  Du Zi Han (Mandy Tao). Du Zi Han is pretty much smitten with Pi Ya Nua and Ya Nua and Zi Feng become sworn brothers. Zi Feng wants to know everything about Ya Nua. Will she be able to keep her secret till her 26th birthday? Even if she manages to keep it, will she be able to easily go back to being a girl now that she has close friends?bromance-002_zpsmz5q9kig

Bromance is an 18 episode romantic comedy. Already watched bromance? Share your thoughts. Yet to watch? Enjoy.

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