Hi everyone, welcome to a new week. It’s been about Korean Drama for quite some time. This beautiful Chinese drama is making me change the trend a little. Am actually adding a new category thanks to Love 020. Let’s get talking about the drama and why it is trending. Love 020 starring Yang Yang as Xiao Nai and Zheng Shuang as Bei Wei Wei is a romantic comedy that has gained a lot of attention even from people who do not watch much of Chinese dramas.

Xiao Nai is a young athletic, intelligent, handsome and popular president of a gaming company. He is Bei Wei Wei’s senior in school and Wei Wei actually admires him. Wei Wei is a computer science major who is very good at what she does. Xiao Nai watched and play a game and falls in love with her and her gaming skills.

He then decides to be the anonymous player in the multiplayer game. The two play the online game without Wei Wei knowing who she is actually playing with. They end up getting married in the online game. Will the two be able to develop a physical relationship or will they remain partners only in the online game? Let’s watch this 30 episode drama to find out. If you ask me, I will say am already overwhelmed by all the cuteness. Enjoy this cute romantic comedy series and sound off in the comments.

so long…. happy week.

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