Second to last love is up for next. I guess it’s now time for some ajusshi love. I can vow I love ajusshi dramas after watching a gentleman’s dignity and all about my romance. This drama is actually a remake of the 2012 Japenese drama titled Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi . 

Second to last love plays around 2 people in their forties who pretty much have nothing to write home about when it comes to their love life. They practically believe that, love is not as magical as people describe it or better still,  love simply does not exist. Will these two remain skeptical about love after they have met each other?

Will they be willing to let their hearts decide for them? Let’s check this chic romantic comedy out to see what happens next. It’s a drama we must see.

The drama stars Kim Hee Ae as Kang Min Joo  and Ji Jin Hee as Go Sang Shik.


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