It’s time for some action, yaay. Ji Chang-Wook is back with more action. If you trying to figure why am so excited, I suggest you check out the Korean drama healer if you haven’t already. Just the sight of Ji Chang-Wook in action in healer says it all. And guess what, this new drama also stars Im Yoona.

The K2 stars Kim Je-Ha (Ji Chang-Wook) as an ex-soldier who is now a fugitive goes by the name K2.  He is hired by Choi Yon – Jin (Song Yoon-A) a ruthless wife of a presidential candidate. We also meet Ko Anna (Im Yoona) the illegitimate daughter of the presidential candidate.

The 16 episode tvn drama is packed with so much action. The drama is also said to be romantic and political. The drama gets released today September 23, 2016 but a lot of korean drama fans are already swooning over it. I guess the teaser says it all.


Watch teaser here.


happy watching. Enjoy.

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