I am wondering why this drama is titled fantastic considering it’s plot. Guess I will get to understand when I see more of it. The 16 episode romantic drama talks about a popular talented writer So- Hye (Kim Hye-Jo of boys over flower fame)  who is really good at her job and a popular overrated actor Hae – Sung (Joo Sang-Wook of good doctor fame) who is nothing but nice face in the world of acting, he lacks basic acting skills but he has earned the name “great star of the universe”.

So – Hye and Hae – Sun had a budding relationship in the past. This was broken by a misunderstanding. They meet years later.

The two had to work on a project together, their relationship is anything but great. There are always disagreements about everything but in the process, they start to care about each other. Love crept in but something else is amiss, LIFE. So – Hye finds out she has only 6 months to live.

This drama is supposed to be somewhat sad and tearful but you find yourself laughing somehow. I know am going to enjoy this drama totally. Do tell me what you think when you get to it.

so long. Enjoy …..



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