I just chanced upon this drama and am already intrigued. Even the title is intriguing. W also known as W- two worlds stars Lee Jong-Suk ( i hear your voice, Pinocchio and doctor stranger) and Han Hyo-Joo. The two who exists in separate worlds.

Lee Jong-Suk ( Kang Chul) is a 30 year old  entrepreneur. He is the owner of a television channel called W. He is also an olympic medalist in shooting. He is all of these but most importantly, he is actually the lead character in a webtoon called W. This webtoon was actually created by Kim Eiu-Sung (Oh Sung-Moo) who happens to be the father of Han Hyo-Joo (Oh Yeon-Joo).

Yeon-Joo is a 30 thoracic surgeon who spends most of her time in the hospital. She decided to check on her father after hearing that, he has been absent from work for some days. While visiting his home, she gets attracted to the webtoon he is writing and gets closer to his computer to get a better look. She sees the main character Kang Chul on the verge of dying. Still intent on the screens, a mysterious hand pulls her into the computer. Thus, she is now in the webtoon world. What happens next……… wp-1474273893591.jpeg

The drama is so unusual, different from the typical kdrama we know. So much suspense and twists. The romance is also deabak. The fact that the drama is unpredictable keeps you edge through all 16 episodes and oh, the ratings are incredible.

This drama was completed on the 14th of September, 2016 so you can catch all 16 episodes. No need to go through the traumatic experience of waiting for the next episode and having to guess what happens next. Honestly, that would have been so difficult considering the fact that, this drama takes a whole lot of unexpected but exciting turns. Happy watching.

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