Descendants of the sun

It has been almost 5 months since they finished airing descendants of the sun (dots) but we really wish they created specials for this drama like every week. Maybe we just did not get enough of the drama. Here is why we love the drama so much.

  1. The story line is quite unique. The story centers on four main characters. Song Joong-Ki (Shi-Jin), Song Hye-Kyo as (Mo-Yeon), Jin Goo as (Dae-Young) and Kim Ji-Won (Myeong-Joo). Shi – Jin is a soldier who falls in love Mo-Yeon who happens to be a doctor. Mo-Yeon found it difficult to accept Shi-Jin because of the nature of his job. However, she could not ignore her feelings for long. Dae-Young happens to be Shi-Jin’s friend, he is also a soldier who is also in love with Myeong -Joo a military doctor. Dae-Young is a tough position because Myeong-Joo has a higher position and her dad does not want someone with a lower rank. It is amazing how these four work it out.

  2. The drama made soldiers look cooler than ever. Yeah, I mean we all know soldiers are tough and all but seeing them descending a helicopter with a rope, jogging shirtless every morning, taking some sexy strides to save a situation, and oh how they manage to balance their job and love life. Some of the scenes just wont leave me.

  3. Descendants of the sun was also hilarious. Shi-Jin takes every chance to tease Mo-Yeon. Those scenes are not only hilarious but romantic as well. I just cannot forget how Mo-Yeon ended up confessing her feelings publicly. Also, how Shi-Jin and Dae-Young had to run to prevent their girlfriends from seeing some packages an ex sent to them. Lol

  4. Some scenes also brought us close to tears. Like when the earthquake happened. That part gave us some insight into how devastating some natural disasters are. 😓😓

  5. On a lighter not, the casts were so cute. I have never seen such a cute soldier captain. The URK locals were also so cute. I must say the drama gave us a great package when it comes to the characters.

I guess i should end here though because i can go on and on and end up writing the entire drama. Lol

Its so long for now 🌺🌺


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