Jealousy Incarnate

The new trendy Korean drama Jealousy Incarnate is just starting to make waves. It’s Gong Hyo Jin (main female lead in it’s okay that’s love) and Jo Jung Suk (main male lead in oh my ghostess) on our screens again. This time Gong Hyo Jin plays Pyo Na Ri, a lady who dreams of being a big time announcer but ends up being a weather forecaster ( considered the one of the lowest ranks).

She fights hard to keep her job since she really needs it to take care of her little brother. Her entire weather forcast has only a sixty second time slot thus she appears on the screens for just one minute. To show her dedication she volunteers to help other work colleagues do tasks they are too busy to do. Eventually, she becomes everyone’s destination for unwanted jobs.

Jo Jung Suk as Lee Hwa Shin on the other hand is an announcer who is basically the ‘idol’. He is handsome, smart and well respected. He is however egotistical. But who won’t be if they have it all?

The drama, Jealousy Incarnate centers around these two stars: their work, Lee Hwa standing up for Na Ri, the gradual development of a romantic relationship, jealousy and laughter. I must add this; this drama is the real epitome of jealousy. Too much rivalry portrayed in a funny and light manner.

We know Gong Hyo Jin is a natural who makes us love her every character and Jo Jung Suk is no different. Plus the drama does get extremely hilarious as it progresses.

I promise you will totally enjoy it. Just one advise, if you cannot deal with suspense, i suggest you wait for a lot more episodes before you start watching.

Number of episodes: 24
Writer: Seo Seok Hyang writer for Miss Korea.
Release date: 24th August, 2016.

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