In case you are wondering which drama replaced our beloved Doctor crush or you are debating as to whether you should watch it, then allow me to be your guide please. Our beloved scarlet heart Ryeo is here to entertain.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo is quite the fantasy. The drama centers around a 21st century young lady IU ( Hae So) who finds herself in the Goryeo era ( 10th century) after an eclipse. There, she ends up in the palace where she meets princes who are so eager for the throne.

She encounters and gradually falls for Wang So (Lee Joon Ki), the fourth prince who is very handsome but feared by many. He has a scar he hides behind a mask giving him that fearful mysterious look. We get to see some political action, rivalry, deciet, romance, and love unfolding in this enticing historical drama.

IU starred in high school sensational drama dream high and Bel Ami whiles Lee Joon Ki starred in hit drama series including Arang and the magistrate, two weeks, scholar who walks at night and Iljimae. If you are someone who chooses dramas based on the main lead casts, then you will agree with me that, the casts looks good.

Unfortunately the rating for Scarlet Heart Ryeo does not look too good but i guess we will have to watch a couple of episodes to determine if we should actually go with the ratings.

If you would ask me, am loving it already and am not the only one.

So long 🌾🌾🌾


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