I know am a little late on this but i still want to be a part of the excitement.

Uncontrollably fond is a new drama (not so new) that is keeping our screens super alive. Let me tell you why.

  1. This drama casts some super hot stars: Kim Wo Bin (who starred in the heirs, school 2013, and a gentleman’s dignity) and Bae Suzzy (who also starred in dream high 1 & 2, man from another star and gu family book). I know this is a thrill for Kim Wo Bin fans because we are all obviously tired seeing him as a supporting character with his deabak acting skills.

  2. The drama has great osts as well. So if you are someone who loves drama accompanied with good music, then you should start thinking about uncontrollably fond.

  3. What’s a drama without a good plot? This drama comes just the perfect plot for drama lovers who want to keep it light. The drama us about 2 people Kim Wo Bin and Bae Suzzy who were childhood friends. They were torn apart by unforseen circumstances. Each took his or her own path.

They meet later in life with one turning out to be a popular actor and the other a producer. What will it be like when they meet again?
I am particularly excited about it because i love celebrity romance.

  1. The drama is giving us good vibes so far. The viewer ratings are great and the reviews are also good. Plus, it is totally addictive.

I know your weekend just got better like mine. Enjoy… You might just end up being uncontrollably fond as well.

Love love… So long.

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