We loved master’s sun, oh my ghostess, the watchman’s journal ….   Okay, lets just admit we totally love ghost kdrama.

Well, let us talk about another trending ghost drama. Let’s fight ghost stars Kim So Hyun ( casted in school 2015) and Ok TaecYeon ( casted in who are you, assembly, and dream high). If you have watched any drama from these two, you would be in love with the new drama already.

The drama talks about a 19 year old lady ( Kim So Hyun) who lived her entire life studying. She was a total bookworm till she unfortunately lost her life.

She wanders around the world until she meets an exorcist ( Ok TaecYeon). She joins him in sending ghosts to the other world. Their journey will give you all sort of emotions. You would laugh, cry, marvel, think, and be awed all through the 16 episode drama.

If you are not watching it yet, I suggest you join train.

Enjoy…… Love love kdrama.

So long.

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