Most korean dramas have a scene or two that would make you teary. However, some kdramas are bound to make tou cry a river. Check these out.

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This is my first pick. This movie has great story. The drama talks about love, betrayal, greed, and death. A young lady tries so hard to get her life back. This drama is filled with so much suspense. If you have a soft heart, the drama would move you to tears. I know those who watched it can relate. The ending will wreck you. Trust me.


    Well i do not even know why i cried so much while watching this drama but the truth is everyone i know who watched this drama also cried. The drama is about the journey of a young lady who struggled to take care of her siblings and above all, her path to finding love. However, this drama would surely give you a good laugh.

    The love story in this drama is deabak and the touching scenes will also move you.

  3. 2 WEEKS
    What can keep you on edge than a little girl who is dying of cancer and her father (the only person who can save her) is on the run. The little girl is so adorable and the chemistry between her parents is great.

  4. I hear your voice
    You just need to see it to know what am talking about.

  5. Prosecutor princess
    The main lead’s sad eyes and sad history totally got me.

  6. Rooftop prince
    This drama is pretty intense. Will make you feel everything. You will have a good laugh, the suspense, the mystery. But i totally teared up when the four started disappearing. OMG i just could not take it. It was definitely a great drama.

    That drama was good. The story but great in a sad way. But I must admit, Kim So Hyun is a cry baby. A handsome one at that. I loved the scene he cried so much when he discovered the truth about the girl.

    I cried and laughed through out the drama. But the scene where the main character thought she saw Kim So Hyun in the crowd. Where she searched for him while screaming his name and crying. Totally a tear jecker.

    Actually the female lead has this sad face that makes you want to cry for her when she is having a hard time. You cannot just watch her cry about losing her baby without tearing up a little. Maybe it is just me. Lol

I do not know how you felt about these dramas. If they actually made you cry as well. You can share your thoughts in the comments section. In case your tear jecking drama is not on this list, you can just share it in the comments section.

Love love so long.


  1. You have a beautiful site! Your post makes me want to watch some of these movies! My husband is Korean, I love the culture. We hope to visit Korea one day soon.

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