There are times that you browse through YouTube and then you chance on a drama you would really love to watch but just do not know how to get it on your computer for offline viewing.

Well, you can follow this simple steps to download them.

  1. You first need a YouTube downloader. Just go to google and search for ytd downloader. There are a lot more downloaders but this is much easier to use. Proceed to download it.

  2. Now launch the downloader and launch youtube as well.

  3. Go on and open the video you want to download.

  4. Now look up in the address bar whilst the youtube video is still playing. You would realise that, the movie link ia showing up there.

  5. Highlight everything you would see in the address bar.

  6. Now right-click and copy.

  7. Now go back and paste it in the ytd downloader. Normally, there would be an inscription indicating where to paste your copied link.

  8. Depending on the settings, the download may start authomatically or you would have to click on the download button then the download starts right away.

Nb. Please make sure you have the right subtitles before you start the download. You can watch the video to verify the language of the subs. You can also enable subtitles ny clicking on the CC that appears at the down right corner of the youtube page. Remember, you would have to do this for every episode.

Some dramas have the best quality on youtube. I once downloaded a 102 episode drama from youtube. Loved it. Just try it.

This can be used to download any public video on youtube.

I hope I did a good job in describing the process. If not, you can always sound off in the comment section.

Next article will be how to download kdrama from other websites. Watch out.

For now, its so long.

We would be glad to know what you think. your comments mean a lot.