There are popular drama websites but you only see the online streaming options when you visit them.

Here is a simple way to get those dramas onto you personal computer. It works like the normal download methods but needs just a little modification.

  1. You would need a browser called the maxthon browser. You can just google search it and download. It is just a few megabytes.

  2. Now launch the browser and search for the drama website with it. Note. It works just like any other browser (chrome, firefox etc).

  3. I will recommend a drama website called

  4. It is simple to browse through and has an update of latest dramas.

  5. Now after seaching for, you would find a search box on the website. Type the drama you are looking for or you can browse through the dramas displayed if you do not have one in mind.

  6. After the drama opens up, select the episode you want.

  7. It would open up as a video. Now watch the top right corner carefully. You would see a download button. Click on it and the video will start to download.

NB. Videos will be in parts and it will be advisable to name every part in a single episode for easy identification.

So that is it. Thank you for reading.
For now, it’s so long.


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