It has been a quite long and interesting journey with South Korean Beau , Lee Min Ho. He is easily recognised as one of the most popular Korean drama stars.

His hit romantic comedy series titled ‘Boys before flowers’ was a movie most korean drama fans would never forget. We all remember that curly hair and the cute f4 guys. Ps. He once confessed in an interview later that, that curly hair is something he would never do again. Well, in case you are the fan you always try to identify him by the his character name, am sure Gu Joon Pyo will ring a bell.

Well, i know we all loved it then. As it turned out,boys over flowers was not his first as a lot of fans assumed. His first drama titled secret campus was aired in 2006. Yea that explains why he is celebrating his 10 years anniversary.
Lee Min Ho has starred in different dramas including time travel, action triller, cheobol, and high school dramas but they all had a touch of romance we cannot forget.

Well, he is not only an actor but a model and a singer.

secret campus
Boys over flowers
Personal taste
City hunter
Gangnam Blues (movie)

In case you missed out on any of them, do not waste any more time, rush to get them now. You would have them. Promise.

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